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The “Seller” is defined as the legal entity Luster Cakes, the “Buyer” means the person (legal or natural) who places an order for goods and services on www.lustercakes.co.uk. “Orders” are a legal binding agreement between the seller and the buyer. Both the Buyer and the Seller are referred to as Parties. “We” is used interchangeably for the Seller and “You” for the Buyer.


These Terms and Conditions shall apply to the sale of all goods and services by the Seller to the Buyer. By ordering from lustercakes.co.uk you agree to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions and accept that these Conditions may be subject to review, change or amended without notice.

At the checkout portal, you would be requested to tick the “I Accept” button before proceeding to make an order. Failure, refusal or neglect to tick the “I accept” button would prevent a buyer from making progress with placing an order.

Ticking the “I Accept” button, the buyer automatically agrees to the terms and conditions herein stated below:

  • To place an order on www.lustercakes.co.uk 
  • To pick up product @ Holbourne SE3 8HP only and no other address, or accept delivery from pre arranged conversations between both parties.
  • To make all enquiries on our contact details 02030048885, 07725902552 OR contact us via email on info@lustercakes.co.uk 
  • You have read, comprehend and agree to all the terms and conditions of Luster Cakes.
  • To establish a legally binding contract between parties
  •  You have read, comprehend and agree to Luster Cakes Privacy Policy
  • You understand the description of the product on our webpage: www.lustercakes.co.uk and Buyer (You) are willing to purchase a product as seen and described. 


Buyers must at least be the age of 18 to purchase our cakes as some of them have alcohol in them. Flavours such as Prosecco strawberry and white chocolate slice or cakes. The alcohol is drizzled on the cake to give it a better tasting flavour. 


It’s the buyers duty to make sure any cake order is suitable for guests and recipients if given as a gift. It is important that allergies are mentioned  when ordering cakes for anyone. Also that guests are made aware of ingredients in the cake for allergies and cakes with alcohol. Also that cakes with alcohol are not ordered or given to anyone under the age of 18 years of age.


For cakes given as gifts, recipients have to be made aware of what they are receiving and ingredients included in the baking so they know if the cake can trigger their allergies and others know what they are eating.


All orders placed on www.lustercakes.co.uk shall be available for pick up on full payment satisfaction through the payment portal provided below.


Conditions for refund are dependent on our discretion. We will only grant a partial refund of 50% of the cost price in a case where we have decided to give a refund. We regret that we do not do last-minute cancellation.  

In the very unlikely event that we have to cancel or alter your order for any reason, then we will give you reasonable notice.  We understand life sometimes happens, if you give us at least a week notice we can move your collection date forward.

At the eventuality of an accident on account of your failure to adhere to our instructions to protect your cake products after leaving our premises we will charge a 15% fee of the full price to rectify minor damages and a 30% fee of the order on a more serious damage. For damages that are beyond repair, the full price of a new cake will be charged with the waiting time as a new order. 

Complaints are rare and so we take them very seriously by ensuring that we get your orders right, however upon errors, we would do our very best to rectify our mistake. 

Refunds will be made in the same mode of payment in which the sale was made. For example, where a buyer makes payment via a bank transfer to effect payment, refund would be made via the same bank transfer into the same account from which payment is made. 


The images on the website are examples of our cakes. All our products are handmade and can be ordered in different sizes from those shown on the pages. The cake you view on the website is what you get, although there might be very minor variations from the page image.

While we only currently serve the London area, customers are allowed to make orders from other countries for pick up in the UK.


You are free to access our website without any need for registration but if you decide to register on our website, it attracts no costs or fees.

Your login details and password must be kept discreet and confidential as otherwise will be deemed as violating our terms and conditions and could lead to termination of your account.

On suspecting any discrepancies on your account, promptly change your password to a stronger password and contact us on info@lustercakes.co.uk to discover the activities that have been carried out on your account.   


While we are currently working on a delivery service for you, we regret we do not currently have a delivery service yet. 


Visit https://www.lustercakes.co.uk/ingredients-list/ for all your questions on any allergies or special dietary requirements prior to placing an order. Please go through our ingredients list before placing an order with us, mentioning any allergies. Agreeing to our terms and conditions means you have done the above and are happy to proceed with your order.


It is worthy of note that goods placed outside are liable to react to the temperature. In hot or humid weather there is the possibility of sugar decorations melting or damage to Goods. These would be viewed as no fault of the seller. Luster Cakes advises that buyers keep product refrigerated after pick up to mitigate these natural defects.


Seller reserves the right to use images of completed designs which might include sent images used on cakes ordered for advertisement purposes. We accept no liability for licensed and photographs sent to us by the buyer. It is presumed that the buyer had earlier sought out the authorization and permission of the person(s) in the image(s) and the copyright owner(s) prior to sending forward images to us.

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